Aug. 17, 2019, 12:08 p.m.


Happy birthday to the bread-loving, ball of sunshine, Honoka Kousaka!

A day out with mini honk + shrine! A day out with my Honk neso + a completed shrine I'm now happy about!

It's been five long years since I discovered Love Live! and fell in love with her after the first season. I resonated a lot with her story on dealing with failures (and regret), that seeing her character development up until Season 2 never fails to move me. From her love of Otonokizaka, until it transformed into her own passion for music and dance, it was like watching a character grow up to become more mature and more brilliant (kiseki dayo!).

She has helped me a lot through some dark times, and I had learned to have fun and be more positive after meeting her! I was never one to spend money on merchandise, but looking back, it was probably because I had not found anything I was absolutely passionate about. How funny it is that the first thing I'd ever feel that way towards would be the passionate orange-haired girl herself! From figures to nesoberis, to grinding in her events (highest I've gone being rank 35 in her sweets event as an F2P! A personal achievement for me), drawing loads of fanart of her during my idle time, or maybe just enjoying the anime and game-- I still see myself growing fonder and more in love with her and the entire LL franchise.

The day my fingers died The highest rank I've attained in any SIF event, it hurt but my heart felt full after!

August 3 is a date that is imbued with a lot of meaning in my mind. To me, her birthday is a symbol of something good that happened in my life. It may sound a bit trivial, but it's always a momentous occasion to celebrate for all LL fans!

Happy Birthday Honk, thank you for telling me to keep fighting on. Thank you for teaching me to fall in love with the parts of my life otherwise overlooked. Thank you for teaching me that it doesn't hurt to take things easy every now and then! There's a bounty of wisdom that I did not expect to get from an anime idol, but here I am now: confident that she did change me for the better. Faito dayo~!

My fanart of Honoka and boba

A little fanart sketch to close the post!

(I've recently been into boba tea, and my headcanon is that Honoka loves it too aha)