Aug. 7, 2019, 10:36 p.m.


Always smiling, always trying Never giving up That's CHIKA

Chika has always set a smile on my face. Even when everyone is in a state of hopelessness, Chika still stays determined and unfazed. When someone is having a problem, Chika is always there to help. Like when the 3rd years were arguing with each other in class, Chika stood up and even shouted at them despite them being her senpais.

Chika also has this crazy cool determination that is just simply EXTRAORDINARY. She never gave up, not when Dia forbid her from forming an idol club, not when Aqours gained 0 votes, not when the school was shut down, and certainly not when she was practicing the MIRACLE WAVE.

Chika’s a normal monster Chika~chi? She’s way more than normal.

Happy Birthday Chika!!!