Aug. 8, 2019, 12:33 a.m.

This is it, my first entry for one of the Fan Awards and also my first ever activity (so please spare me if I messed up some stuff qwq), and of course it needs to be for Chika Takami, the inspiration and love of my life

But why, and how did she end up like this for me? I really don't know, but when I saw her the first time in Love Live School Idol Festival, and then later while watching the anime I just fell in love with her With her unbreakable spirit With her motivation With her passion

Chika Takami is one of my biggest comfort characters, there was a specific moment where I really realized it It was on my way to my very first job interview, my dad was driving me and my anxiety was rising over the top And then I just took out my phone to distract me, looking throught the screenshots I made of Chika's outfits to cosplay them someday And I calmed down

I calmed down, because I saw the face of this beautiful and strong anime girl who just did her thing, who faught, who wanted to achieve something, and my heartbeat calmed down, and hey, I aced my very first job interview!

But it's just not this, Chika is so much more than just a comfort character for me

In the beginning of this year I decided to finally apply to a convention as a Showact, and when I got the reply a few months later I knew I was going to dance as Chika.

And I did. I learned dances from Hop? Stop! Nonstop! over MIRACLE WAVE to Omoi yo hitotsu ni nare and danced on the stage for around 40 minutes alone as Chika And it was the best experience I ever had

All the people were so nice and supporting, so sweet and encouraging I was on the stage and did my best, I have fun and I can't wait to apply again to be a showact, to dance as her! For example, have my Omoi yo hitotsu ni nare cover I did for an insta dance competition!

There are so many wonderful sets in which Chika looks so beautiful, like,, okay, for me it's basically every set asjkdsad But especially her UR's? I just, stare at them in awe all the time Making her Omoi costume was stressy, but so much fun! I can't wait to work on her Aquarium outfit, or her Mermaid outfit!

And from this up to my scouts for her! Yes, I am guilty of always spending my gems for things I didn't plan for, whoops But this time, I decided to scout in the beginning of the year, for her school unity limited. And it took around 250 gems, but she came home? And I cried so much because,, damn qwq And then, my scout for her birthday yesterday Yes, I never get any UR's of my best girls during my birthday scouts for them, but whatever?

I got wonderful SSRs and SRs, and the new swimsuit set is just? Yes, it's a bit annoying that it's another swimsuit set but this Chika SR is just,,, I still can't get over how cute she looks with the ponytail? I just, can't And I can't wait to see her if KLab ever decides to make a Aqours Victorian set bc damn I will buy the fabric asap to cosplay this beauty

And I know that this whole post is probably pretty messy and unordered, but I really don't know how else to show my love for her This is my love, love is not always ordered and clean and whatever, it's not about what merch you got or such stuff, my love for Chika is what keeps me motivated, what keeps me going and happy Sometimes I get sad about all the hate she receives, being called nothing but a Honoka copy, but She is so much more than just a copy

She is a girl with her own mind, a girl who tries to be a strong leader for everyone, who tries to find a solution for everyone and everything She is so hard working and just so so perfect in my eyes

Please, give a moment to see her as her, as Chika Takami, as she girl who struggled for a long time to find something she could devote to A girl who finally found her dream, to sparkle, to shine A girl who found out that everyone can achieve it A girl who found her own way, her own future A wonderful, beautiful and strong leader who makes Aqours stronger, who gave us this wonderful group

And with this, also thank you very much Anchan for doing a great job, for giving the character your voice, your passions, your tears and laughs Thank you for everything

Thank you Chika Takami And Happy Birthday