Aug. 8, 2019, 4:32 a.m.

Dear Chika Takami, I’ve been following Love Live since 2015, and I still remember seeing Kimi no Kokoro wa upload for the first time, and there was something about you that made me want to see the anime. When it finally aired, you immediately shot up in my ranking, and by the Mijuku DREAMER episode I was fully in love with your character. I even saved up a whole bunch of gems just to scout for your cheerleader UR since I missed the initials! Fast forward to the beginning of 2018, in January I lost every friend I had and until April, I had nobody at school to talk to. I had three classes a day and free sessions in between, and I remember always playing love live to cheer myself up, and having you as my parter always brightened my mood. I realise they’re automated messages, but whenever I was on my home screen and you talked to me, I felt like I wasn’t so lonely, every time I heard your voice I loved you more and more. You got me through such a hard time in my life, and to this day I’m still loving you more every single day. With my anxiety the way it is, I need something to keep me calm and you’re exactly what I need. If I’m ever scared or anxious, I think about what you would do and try my best. During season 2 of love live sunshine I was a mess, especially during the MIRACLE WAVE episode. Though you’re just a character, I felt so incredibly proud when you did your back flip, and I cried a lot during the last few episodes. I know it’s silly, you’re just an anime character. A compilation of pixels. But still, you mean so so much to me and I love you so much. You inspire me to do what I love, even if I have to start from a zero. Your smile brightens my day, so much that even if I’m having a bad day, looking at a card of yours will make me smile even just a little. If I’m ever sad, all I need to do is hug your nesoberi and I feel comforted. Your sunny attitude is one that always brightens my day, and you inspire me every single day to put my all into everything that I do, so thank you. You taught me that it’s always possible to turn a zero into a one. You are truly the definition of best girl, thank you for everything and I love you so much. You are my sunshine! Happy Birthday, Chikacchi <3 ChikaFanAwards2019