Aug. 7, 2019, 10:29 p.m.


Happy birthday Chika! I wanted to start this off by saying how much i truly care about you. Youre always there for me when times are tough. Even though you are a fictional character you inspired me to do my best everyday and kept me going foward. Even though you almost never come home when i want you too you always surprise me later on when i am at the lowest points in my life. Thank you truly Chika Takami! chika drawing The things about you: You showed me i should never stop dreaming and trying to achieve my dreams. You were such an inspiration and the fact that you are as underrated as you are makes me upset. you deserve so much.. Chika Ita Bag

I remember you were one of my first cosplays i fully did, Yukata Chika, i felt confident in myself and i felt like i looked nice for once.

Chika you mean the whole world to me and i owe you everything ? Chika Neso Stack