Aug. 7, 2019, 10:27 p.m.

          Her smile that is brighter than the sun, her positive attitude showing up when everyone is down, her perseverance, she continues no matter what to pull Aqours to the top.

          Takami Chika is to me a pure angel that needs to be protected and loved. I admit that she gets enough attention. But it will never be enough from me.

           Chika-chan taught me so many things. Sh has shown me how the world can be so bright and welcoming. She taught me what an idol really is. It's the unreachable, yet so close, star that shines leading the way when everything around youis dark. 

          Chika, you are my light when I can't see anything. You bring me happiness. Joy. I can't seem to be angry or sad when it's about you. 

           Thank you Chika,
                         and the best of birthdays to you my dear.