Aug. 7, 2019, 10:26 p.m.

(Long post ahead! And, English is not my main language)

Chika, I love you with all my heart.

When I first watched Sunshine, I had in mind ''This is gonna be a SIP copy''. I didn't pay atention but it caught my interest, so I decided to watch it again. What a good choice.

Since I was like 9 years old I wanted to be a voice actress. Voice acting is act like a character. But when you watch a movie/TV Show/anime, you can feel emotions right? Like, ''My favourite character is death, I feel sad'' or ''This character shouldn't do that, I'm angry''. Making people feel emotions is the most important thing in voice acting (for me) and have fun too! I always thought that I didn't want to stay like a normal person all my life. I really wanted to do something. Like voice acting. There is where I realized my first similitude with Chika. She didn't want to stay as a normal person. And, when Chika thought she was normal but she ended being an idol, I felt that I could do something interesting. On her Dengeki introduction she says that being something like an Idol in a little place like Uchiura looked so hard, but she did it! Im from a little place with no much chances of being a VA, but currently I'm going to dubbing courses (is called like that?) and my teacher says I have potential, and I also an learnning to play the bass and trying to form a band.

She taught me that if you want to smile, then smile. If you need to cry, then cry. Hiding your emotions doesn't help at all, although Chika doesn't want to show her sensitiveside, she has emotions too. I relate to that, I don't really like to cry in front of people or to show disappointment.

Chika is a big help, and, even if it's a fictional character, I love her as a real person.? When I feel like I can't do it I think of Chika and try again! Example: Sometimes in P.E we have to run for minutes straight (ir depends on the day,one day may be 5 other day my be 25) and wrll it's not a big deal, considering in a lot if places in the world yo have to overwork yourself a lot, but anyways; I like running actually, I'm not pretty sports person but I like it. The "problem" is that I'm pretty competitive so I always try to be faster, which leads me to be tired before. The key for having more points on this activity is basically going slower first and then running but I still go fast- I dont think twice before doing things, in fact I may not even think but the point; Chika helps me with this! When I'm tired, I think of her not giving up and I keep up a bit more! (Don't worry, I don't push myself to the point of hurting me)

Other than that, I have aerophobia, and,? is not easy. But, Chika calms me a little. I listen to her solo, or to Aqours songs and I feel a little better. Specilaly hearing to Water Blue New World, wow. Her nesoberi is so soft and I love hugging it!

About Chika itself, she matured a lot during the anime. At first she was pretty dependable of the rest of characters but slowly she started maturing. The group she started because she wanted to shine as muse, ended up being the winner. She was able to lead the girls (and recruit them) with strength and bearing with pressure. Being able to convince Dia not just tu allow the group but to join too! And, it's true that she couldn't save the school, and she was sad at first! But, in the end, she understood that, some things can't happen and you have to let it be! What matters is that she did her best and never gave up. I love her personality. When she got 0 votes, she felt bad, and cried. I personally, liked that it had realism. When you get 0 votes in something that you put a lot of effort in, it's normal to feel disappointed. After that, Chika said that she wanted to make 0 into 1. And so she did. During Mirai Ticket, I was so proud of Chika, like ''They are doing it, shining together''. And, Chika's solo in Thank you friends it's just so relaxing!?

Chika is so necessary in Aqours, she helped Ruby to become more independent instead of always depending on Dia. Helped Yohane with her litle demon stuff, making her feel good doing it. Helped Maru being an idol (although ruby was also important here). Helped Riko starting with the piano again and feeling more confident about it, encouraged Dia to join... She helped all the members in a lot of different ways!

I also would like to add that my mom also loves Chika, she didn't watch Sunshine or something but when you have to see the same girl everyday you end up loving her a whole lot.

I would like to dedicate a part of this to Jad Saxton and Inami Anju, the girls who give voice to Chika in English and Japanese. Most of the things that people say about English dub is that it is bad but I actually like it! I have a big respect to Jad Saxton and Anchan, and I wish them the best!!!! Chika's voice sounds like an angel, and I just love it! I wish I could sing like her, but, having the chance of listening to her, I'm perfect.

Some memorable things for me in Dengeki: "But when I lived in such a rural town--- of course there was nothing I could do. ? But even so. ? At any rate--- I wanted to do something, anything. ? Something I loved. Something dazzling. A distant, distant existence I longed for". Those words. Those words have something in that makes me feel like I can actually make it.

"Even if Uranohoshi closes down, the fact that we were here--- we’ll definitely leave proof of that for all to see." Chika wants Uranohoshi to still exist. But, the fact that someone will remember them, makes her happy. She wants to leave her mark in this world, shining as a school idol!

"A while before this--- when I saw on the television that schools in the city have gigantic vending machines with carbonated drinks in pet bottles, I was really amazed---" Well my school doesn't have vending machines either, and well I just want to say that, Chika is amazingly cute getting excited for this! Like, a vending machine is not a super big deal but she got excited and also told Kanan! (Is on the other part of the scan).

"A beautiful smile gathers on everyone's faces when I wish for everyone's smile." She just wants to make everyone smile with their music <3

About her design, it's so cute! Her eyes, smile, hairstyle... beautiful. I don't know how to express it but it just makes me wanna hug her.

I did a little dessert for Chika although it isn't perfect I did my best. I know it's not a super big cake (I would love to do one of those) but I'm not good at cooking desserts so I decided to do this. (Photo is on the end of the post) I also used one of the things I love the most, singing, to sing Chika a song. Hope it's good.

Now, I want to post my Chika merch. The cake isn't super pretty but it actually tastes good.

(I want to say that I have a Chika Coaplay but I'm not gonba out photos because I don't like to post photos on me on the internet)

-Chika nesos;


-Chika shrine image

I know this was kind of messy but I tried hard! I just uploaded 3 photos, that is what the rules said right? Hope I didn't do anything wrong

Also, if I win, the admind will contact me on this page right?

With all that said, thank you. Thank you to all reading, and... ありがとう、千歌ちゃん。(Thank you, Chika)