Aug. 7, 2019, 9:50 p.m.

August 1st - Chika Takami's birthday, and if I'm honest, if I look back on the first birthday I celebrated with Chika to now, I can say I've grown a lot as a person thanks to this wonderful idol.

I struggled with self-confidence, and I was always seen as obnoxious for my overly energetic and passionate character that I gave off, and I struggled a lot during school from bullying, and grades.

I felt hopeless, and had no confidence in growing better. Of course, I was into Love Live! at the time.

A former friend had shown me this game before an unfortunate event in my life came, and she would text me updates when I couldn't check, and told me about the new idol group; Aqours.

I was amazed by the characters, but Chika stuck out as a familiar face in the crowd, and I never understood why.

She reminded me a bit of myself, but someone else I knew as well, and I unfortunately never realized until the person had passed away who.

She reminded me much of my best friend who got me into idols, and made me appreciate the world a bit more than I did back then, and I was motivated by that event.

Although my friend was gone, Chika was a strong memoir of her to me, as she also was a favorite of hers, and I wanted to continue learning about this idol, and the group.

Long story cut short, I fell for Chika for her sunny energy that reminded me deeply of my best friend, and I ended up staying as someone who saw her as the best idol in the series after she helped me build up much of my lost confidence from school events, and become happier with myself.

I adore Chika so much, and her seiyuu reminds me a lot of her too - they have the same energy that she does, and it's very charming.

Her voice feels like a warmth that washes over me, and just makes me feel secure when my anxiety makes me feel like I can no longer breathe - reminds me to keep breathing, and breathing, every time.

Below are a few pictures of merchandise I own of her, with one being a drawing I commissioned from a close friend, and figures I own. My nesoberi couldn't fit, but she says hi to you all too!

Commission by @/mistyslittlemistakes (Instagram, do check her out!)