July 29, 2019, 3:52 p.m.

NicoFanAwards2019 Edit of Nico Nico Yazawa is my favorite character in μ's and my third favorite character in the whole series! I love Nico's design, voice, personality, catchphrase, and her relationships with the other characters! I also love her passion to become an idol.

In 2016 I discovered Love Live because of Nico's catchphrase, and because of that I downloaded SIF but deleted it. From 2016-2017 I still watched videos about Nico, but it wasn't until the beginning of last year I finally decided to download SIF again. I tried to watch School Idol Project but wasn't able to watch it so I started with Sunshine. When I finished watching Sunshine, which was probably in May, I finally found where I could watch School Idol Project! After finishing the series and movie I loved Nico even more! I'll forever be grateful to Nico for helping me discover Love Live!

I don't have any merch of Nico at the moment but I'm planning to get some in the future! I also hope that one day I'll be able to cosplay as her, I'm not sure what outfit I would want to cosplay though. For Nico's birthday I made an edit, the one at the beginning of the post, and an aesthetic. Nico Aesthetic Thank you for taking the time to read this! (I had to edit this because I did the image formatting wrong!)