July 23, 2019, 4:51 p.m.

the edit for Aoi isn't done yet, but agency-sponsored school idols have a name now - Houkago CLOVER was one of my subunit suggestions for Niji and it works for them too so why not! their school is Kuragami High School, which I just stole from one of my Haikyuu OCs lol

I also ... ended up giving them a student producer, 3rd yr Kagura Yuuichi; he's the nephew of one of their actual producers and essentially the club manager, overseeing their work while they're at school. I'm gonna make a proper post about him soon I think, he's a good boy (even if he has a stick up his butt pff)

and while I'm here, a bit more details I haven't gotten to mention yet

  • the fact that their idol personas are kind of a farce is not all that well-known around the school, since all of the members are more on the unsocial side and it's really hard to befriend them, especially now that they're busy all the time. people have tried, of course, especially after they got popular, but it's hard to even get a hold of them outside of class
  • Anzu, Sai, & Ringo were all scouted. Aoi auditioned at the agency, originally just to become a normal idol, and since she was at the same school, she got put into Houkago CLOVER pretty quickly
  • the join order was Sai & Anzu -> Aoi -> Ringo
  • Kuragami is a pretty big, but not particularly special public school near Kobe. the agency scouted out a few schools in Hyougo, looking for the right kind of personalities for their project
  • at first it was questionable whether this whole thing was even feasible or if it would disqualify the group, but since the girls practice at school and it's legally just a club with outside help, which is perfectly fine, there's no issue with Love Live's organisation
  • yes, there's absolutely other idols who have tried to sabotage them, but their security is so good & management always has an eye on everything, it's hard to even talk to them normally
  • for their music style, think μ's but with more harmonising, a bit more piano, and a frequent supply of solo versions for songs that it works with. a slightly modified Kitto Seishun ga Kikoeru could be one of their songs
  • they're essentially the A-Rise of the generation - seemingly undefeatable, except they also have the heartfelt & "good friends" vibe that made groups like μ's popular, even if it's pretty fake