April 24, 2019, 8:37 p.m.

hello, i'm sam and i rly LOVE watanabe you! alongside nozomi, kanata, & ai, you is one of my favorite love live characters!

when the chara designs first came out for aquors, i initially thought either mari/maru would be my fav, but when i first watched the 1st episode, I ABSOLUTELY FELL IN LOVE WITH HER?! there was rly something about her pretty blue eyes & her cheerful personality! i love her voice, her signature pose & phrase! she's also super talented! she can cook, make clothing, sing, dance etc!! everything about her is so endearing & makes me adore her a lot!! she genuinely makes me happy! ❤

anyways! attached is a few merchandise i bought (it's not that much tho, but hopefully I'll get more in a con this year!!)

you  merch

and my fav drawings that i made of her!!

you birthday 2018

2019 draw

that's all, thank you so much for reading! ily you(-soro)!! ?⚓️⛵️

this is an entry for YouFanAwards2019! it's my first time joining these sort of events bc i always hesitated out of shyness, but i wanted to push myself to finally participate this year! ??