Feb. 25, 2019, 4:51 p.m.

hi! my first post on Sukutomo is dedicated to the one and only Dolphin Queen™️, Kanan! I decided to do the most rational and least time-consuming thing... and draw her 35 times but in different outfits. Kanan35 I knew I wasn't going to finish it on time, but I do plan on uploading a colorable version on my twitter~ I also drew another piece that was more in my style ^^ It's a bit of a fantasy/elf/mage kind of thing. KananElf and here's a bit of a spiel: kanan's probably my favourite out of aqours, generally because of how she holds herself and her chemistry between dia and mari, i.e the middle ground between two extremes lol. how I aspire to be someone who gives as little f__ks as she does ... my favourite card (that I own) is job!kanan , and I managed to pull a second halloween!kanan during her birthday ~ Screenshot

thanks for reading! KananFanAwards2019