Feb. 25, 2019, 4:28 p.m.

I began LLSIF with Muse; I figured I wouldn’t get attached to Aqours and I could just save up for the Muse sets.

Instead.. I found myself captivated by Aqours. They found their way to my heart from the anime, game, manga, and even the lives by their talented seiyuus. I knew from the get-go that I would love You and Yohane, but the moment Kanan’s first UR released.. well, she quickly shifted her way up to first place, tying with Yohane and You. Even now.. I think she's far passed these two to solidly land in 1st place.

There’s so much I could say for Kanan. I adore her goofiness, her love for her friends, her dynamic with Mari and Dia; there’s just so much I could say that would never really encompass how I feel. Her voice also truly shines in her solos and when she sings with a lower tone. I love her color image, her center in HPT (which I cried seeing at the 4th Live DV), and I love how she doesn’t give in, especially with the power of Aqours behind her.

Eventually I pulled her Job UR with a green ticket, and that just made me adore her more. I also (miracle upon miracles!) pulled her limited WBNW UR and almost cried that evening. I’ll make sure not to spam images, so I’ll cut it down to idolizing her WBNW UR (which I’m still shocked about!!!) and idolizing my dream SSR of her! I also have been lucky enough to purchase a figure of her cheaply, and pull a Koi Aqua charm of her from a blind box! Along with that, I have her unit (which is all of the third years) in Granblue Fantasy after an end-of-event grindfest!


Happy birthday, Kanan!! I hope my art of her in her solo outfit does her justice!

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