Feb. 11, 2019, 6:58 p.m.


Yay, time to discuss Emma Verde, the best girl in PDP

Emma was my very first pull that I did on SIF EN. A solo scout on EN got me her original N card, and the first PDP solo on JP that I cleared on Expert was Emma's, getting me her SR (which I didn't know I could get). The SR Emma is idolised (thanks to Circus Chika) and at the head of my Pure team (mainly N girls, since it's a new account). Unfortunately, the time when the PDP SRs were available on EN was during my year-long hiatus due to a new phone and not realising I could transfer my account.

Time for some pictures:

Here's Emma Verde, after idolising her:


And I made Emma in Stardew Valley:


I also made Emma in Rinmaru Games (The hair colour probably isn't right, but it's the closest I could get...


Hope you enjoyed reading, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA VERDE

EDIT: I realised I forgot to add the Rinmaru portrait of Emma