Feb. 10, 2019, 10:13 p.m.

After a bit of preparing, I'm finally able to share my master post for HanayoFanElection2019 ! And what a fitting birthday this is, as it's my 5th birthday with Hanayo! I have the screenshots from each of her birthday banners saved, and man do they look SO gorgeous all together, and just so happen to feature some of my absolute favorite Hanayo cards!

My journey with Hanayo began 5 years ago, when I first discovered love live in October of 2014 - wow, that's a long time ago now that I think about it. I didn't really have a favorite getting into the game for the first time, I liked everyone, but after watching the anime, my eyes were ALL for miss Hanayo.

What do I love the most about Hanayo? Well, to put it simply, Hanayo really taught me to not be afraid of what your passion is, because it's what makes you happy and you should be proud of it! That really inspired me at the time when I first got into the series. Hanayo was a character I related to above any other character in anime before, and it made me love her so much for helping me grow as a person. I found my love for idols through Hanayo, and I found the confidence to by myself through her. Though I admit, I do have a lot of work to go before I can become the person I know I can be, seeing my growth and seeing Hanayo grow with me meant the absolute world to me. She also kept me smiling through a lot of tough times through the years, and even though she is just an anime girl to some people, she feels like a real person to me because of how much she's inspired and comforted me. And now, even 5 years later, I still feel the same love for Hanayo as I did years ago. I don't know where I would be if I hadn't found Hanayo, I'm so thankful to her and want to continue to love and support her as much as possible!

As for my SIF collection, here is my current album for my Hanayo cards! I'm honestly so happy that I have this amazing collection, after so many years of Hanayo avoiding me to owning a majority of her cards, it's truly a dream come true for me.

Although most of my collection comes from the help of the seal shop, I'm very grateful for the 2 UR's that came home all by themselves (no guarantee), which are these two right here! Instrument Hanayo was from a solo yolo before I decided to start saving for Hanayo's 2019 birthday box, and Fairy Tale Hanayo was from last years' step up box! These two are such an essential part of my collection and are close to my heart because of it!

I also have a collection of my participation in Hanayo events, as they are still the only events I try my best for: Tiering for Hanayo events has always made me super happy. I only could wish I could show the ranks I achieved in game, I was especially proud of being 185 in her score match event! All of Hanayo's event cards are so pure and gorgeous, and I'm very happy to say I was able to participate in these events and reach such high ranks for her! Although I might not be able to do this same extreme tiers now with a job and school, I hope that I'll be able to do her proud in her future events to come!

I also wanted to share my little shrine I have for Hanayo on my desk! I love all of the pieces in this collection I have, it fills me with so much joy to represent my best girl! I also have a few art pieces I've done for the best girl over the years! I don't have much time to draw, but I figured I'd include them!

All in all, making this post filled me with the same love I felt when I first started to love Hanayo. Seeing all the memories I've made with her over the years is truly wonderful, especially since remembering things is very difficult for me. I hope to create another year full of nothing but love for Hanayo Koizumi, my forever and always best girl~