Jan. 31, 2019, 5:44 p.m.


First time user and poster, but a long time player and absolute lover of Hanayo Kouizumi! I thought this year I'd celebrate my best girl in the best way I know how: showing my love off and sharing my love with other fellow love livers! The very first time I came across Love Live, I knew absolutely nothing about it. But I was instantly drawn to the soft-spoken shy character with glasses (admittedly one of my favorite types of characters...) As I continued to watch the anime and play the game, my love for the girls grew but not as much as my love for Hanayo (and by extent Rin) bursted out of me! I have never related to a character more than I have Hanayo. Being the shy, soft-spoken friend as a young kid, I was often spoken over or my friends would make decisions for me. I very often kept my excitement over something to myself. Watching Hanayo come out of her shell and embrace what she loves (idols and rice and food! me too!) really helped me embrace myself! And I'm glad so many others share the same love for her!

Unfortunately, this year so far has been nonstop working for me, so I couldn't pull together an art piece for her birthday like I originally intended, but if it's alright with everyone I'd love to share my favorite cosplay I've done of her!

hanayo cos 1 hanayo cos 2 hanayo cos 3

Last year I cosplayed my most fun Hanayo cosplay yet, her idolized magician dress! I absolutely fell in LOVE with this set, Hanayo's card especially, I had to cosplay it as soon as I could afford to. Theres a crazy big hoop skirt underneath it, and it was so much fun twirling around in this big thing!

twirl 1 twirl 2

(Fun fact: I actually left my real Hanayo wig back at home this con. I'm using my Pidge wig here, shhhh!)

I absolutely adore cosplaying, and I try to attend every Love Live meet-up I can at every con I'm at. One day I hope to fulfill a Hanayo Cosplay Bingo, my own made-up card of Hanayo cosplays I'd love to do. So far I've got three down (idolized cheer, idolized devil, and idolized magician Pana!) My biggest dream is to cosplay my all-time favorite card: Hanayo's idolized March Flowers/Blooming set!

best card

Thank you again, Hanayo, for all you've done for u's! You're my biggest star and the rice queen of my heart!! (and thank you all for letting me share!)