Jan. 24, 2019, 11:47 p.m.


(English is not my main language)

Well so at first, I disliked Hanayo. I don't know why but, I just dislijed her. But, in all the 4 years I've been in LL fandom, I changed. I startes liking Hanayo, so I'm gonna tell my story.

When I watched SIP, I didn't really pay atenttiom to her, and while playing SIF I didn't pay atention either. I remember that, my first UR ever was Taisho Pana. When I saw the pink envolope I was like ''OH GOD'' and when the UR was a Pana UR, I felt disappointed. But, I knew it was a UR. A UR from a green ticket. So, I had to start apreciating Pana. I watched the anime again, and I started liking her. She wanted to be an idol, but she was to shy for saying it. At the end, she joined µ's. Even if I knew the story because I watched SIP a million times, I was super happy! Her love for white rice is SUPER cute and I started loving white rice more. And when I listened closely to her voice, I realized that she sounds like an angel. Nawatobi is a beautiful solo, Kodoku na Heaven more, and Pana is so, so, so cute. I will love to have Pana merch but sadly I can't, so, I won't put images.

I would like to do something for her, but, my cooking and drawing skills are horrible.

I know this was long and probably boring to, read to, but, if you readed everything, thank you! Good luck to everyone, and, keep loving Pana everyday