Jan. 24, 2019, 11:56 p.m.

There was nothing quite like going to Japan and scouting out the real-life locations of Love Live and showing my love for Hanayo as well! While at the shrine someone tapped me on the shoulder and told me, as best he could, that he was from China and Hanayo is his favorite character too. The two of us talked about Hanayo for what felt like forever using nothing more than both of our limited knowledge of Japanese. Hanayo has always held a special place in my heart as a character I've related to more than anyone else. During one of her first introductions she says she's not good at anything which is something I've thought about myself all the time, but getting to talk with someone who I otherwise never would have spoken a word to all thanks to Hanayo shows me that there is plenty she is good at and plenty I could be good at as well! Also I totally splurged on Hanayo merch while there. Like... way too much. I have no regrets.