Jan. 24, 2019, 10:27 p.m.


Happy Birthday my Rice-Goddess-Idol. Yes I am back, well actually I never really left, more of I just never really opened my account XD. So if y'all remember my last bday drawing, I did say I'm bad at expressing and that jazz so Imma try better this time! ((ahem) I'm so thankful I got into this fandom, if not I wouldn't have met such a wonderful girl. TBH I disliked LL back then cause the blush bothered me a lot and a classmate of mine kinda liked Kotori in a ((not so healthy way (like real creepy))), so I thought LL was an anime I wouldn't like. But when I saw Hanayo, I started to reconsider. From day one I was already interested in her but I just passed on the show. Fast forward a year later and an upperclassman of mine introduced me to the mobile game and there is one thing I have noticed. I LIKE RHYTHM GAMES AND CUTE GALS WITH COSTUMES. SIF HAD THOSE. So of course I deleted like 3 apps on my phone just to get that and hecky I fell harder for her that day and also realized how unlucky I really am with gachas. After getting into the game I went and watched the anime, got hooked to the songs, looked for everywhere for the lives (mostly translated cause I only know basic weab japanese) and binged a ton of translated talk segment things. I was sure that Hanayo had a special place in my heart. I want to list all of the stuff that makes her so lovable, but I think everybody else who posted their feelings did a much greater job at it and I honestly feel the same.

Discovering LL has helped me a lot with the emptiness I felt back then, it filled me up. It inspired me to try new things, even if I actually end up sucking at it. I'm really glad I played that game and got to know her better. Sorry this got long, just wanted to share XDD The scouting* For the special day I had 33 GTs, 520 lovecas, 10 BTs, 4 SSR+ tickets and one SR+ ticket. I used them all up. I actually wanted to post some screenshots of my scouts, but it wouldn't really be that interesting cause the only UR I got was this beauty. image ALSO MY SUPER FAVE CARD. THE RICE GODDESS CARD. image

Le Merch & Ye Art Sadly my Korekara Someday Pana isn't here yet but I do like the amount of merch I have. Oh but the onigiri wallet was something I commissioned from my friend! Also please forgive my poor puchiguru figure, I just started sculpting oof. ((I usually go all out when I get into something but I wanted to tone it down here cause my wallet is suffering XDDDD)) image Here are some digital Pana art I've done. Finished or not. image Also my very first edit jhgresdfgh its so bad hahaaaaaa image

All in all I just wanna say thank you to Hanayo, to Yurika, to KLAB (even when I want to wring all of your necks CAUSE DAMMIT Y R U SO MEAN), to Bushiroad+Lantis, and this amazing site and the wonderful fandom here. Truly Hanayo has helped change my life.

image HanayoFanElection2019