Jan. 24, 2019, 11:02 p.m.


So, Hanayo Koizumi. When I first started to watch Love Live, my impressions of Pana were reserved. I felt similar in her very first appearance, running to watch an A-RISE performance on the UTX High screen.. Through season one, I enjoyed watching all of Pana's scenes, and season two also lived up to expectations.

Now for some pictures!

1: I made a Panacake for Pana's birthday.

Pancake with a printout of Pana's face at the top

2: I did some scouting for Pana's birthday, and managed to get Initial Pana UR. So I idolised her.

Scout for Pana Pana UR Idolised

I also did a blue ticket scout and got a flip of Mermaid Hanamaru, so Pana brings more luck.

Mermaid Zura UR

3: I changed my phone wallpaper to Hanayo's new Limited UR

UR Pana wallpaper

4: I drew some Hanayo Koizumi faces for the Rina-chan-Board

pana art 1

5: Finally, I did my first ever sprite edit. I changed Cyber Hanayo's colours to Cyber Maki's colours. After about... 3 hours and 30 minutes, I was finished.

red cyber pana


Edit: I had a French Speaking Mock today. One question which I couldn’t prepare for was: What day did you celebrate with friends recently?’ Me, thinking on the spot, spurted out ‘L’anniversaire de Hanayo Koizumi’ I talked about Pana’s birthday in an exam... I also said I want to watch an Aqours concert, but that’s normal