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I live for Love Live!

the name's waaaaat but you can call me wat

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Anyway, here are my Love Live favorites!

Favorite μ's girls:

Favorite Aqours girls:

Favorite PDP girls:
setsuna karin

Favorite Main Unit:
μ's (but I also love Aqours!)

Favorite Subunits:
Guilty Kiss

lily white


Favorite μ's songs: Bokura wa Ima no Naka de, START:DASH!!, Aishiteru Banzai!, Wonderful Rush,
                                           Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari (this song makes me cry though)

Favorite lily white songs: A-NO-NE-GA-N-BA-RE!, Shunjou Romantic, Otohime Heart de Love Kyuuden

Favorite BiBi songs: Psychic Fire, Love Novels, Saitei de Saikou no Paradiso

Favorite Printemps songs: Puwa Puwa-O!, CheerDay CheerGirl!, Eien Friends

Favorite μ's Year-Level songs: Future style, ?←HEARTBEAT

Favorite μ's Solo songs: Daring!! (Darling!!), Kururin MIRACLE, Niko puri♥Joshi dou, Yuuki no Reason

Favorite μ's Duo/ Trio songs: after school NAVIGATORS (NicoRinPana!), Mermaid festa vol.2 ~Passionate~,
                                                 Anemone Heart, Storm in Lover

Favorite A-RISE song: Shocking Party

Favorite Aqours songs: MY Mai☆TONIGHT, Humming Friend, Daydream Warrior, Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM

Favorite Guilty Kiss songs: ALL of their songs!

Favorite Azalea songs: Torikoriko PLEASE!!, INNOCENT BIRD

Favorite CYaRon! songs: Genki Zenkai DAY! DAY! DAY!, Kinmirai Happy END

Favorite Aqours Year-Level songs: Kimeta yo Hand in Hand, G Senjou no Cinderella, Waku-Waku-Week!

Favorite Aqours Solo songs: in this unstable world, Oyasuminasan!, Beginner's Sailing, Sakana ka Nanda ka?

Favorite Aqours Trio song: Natsu e no Tobira Never end ver.

Favorite Saint Snow songs: CRASH MIND, SELF CONTROL!!

I post memes and relatable stuff and others(???). See below my posts that somehow got over 50+ likes.

☆ pinning this post here because I'm probably gonna need it

☆ unfinished work (I want to do them so baaaaad)

μ's Dream sets

  • Cyber

  • Little Devil

  • Cheerleader

  • June (Wedding set!)

  • Universe

μ's Dream URs

  • Umi: Flower, Little Devil, Marine, Crayon, Universe

  • Nozomi: Marine, Halloween, August

  • Eli: June, Job

  • Nico: Little Devil, Cyber

  • Maki: Crayon, February, November,

  • Kotori: Sky, Job

  • Rin: Pirate, Cafe Maid

  • Honoka: Cyber, Idol Outfit, June, Universe

  • Hanayo: Halloween, Kunoichi

Acquired μ's Dream URs!

  • Kotori: Snowy Mountain

Aqours Dream sets

  • Punk Rock

  • Wedding

  • Wonderland

  • Cheerleader

  • Wedding

  • Universe

Aqours Dream URs

  • Riko: Wonderland, Christmas, Initial

  • Kanan: Yukata, Halloween

  • Mari: Yukata

  • You: Valentine's, Wonderland

  • Dia: Valentine's, Universe

  • Yoshiko: Punk Rock

  • Hanamaru: Christmas, Universe

  • Chika: New Year, Initial

  • Ruby: Circus, Christmas

Acquired Aqours Dream URs!

  • Kanan: Wedding

  • Dia: Halloween

  • Ruby: Punk Rock

SIF Goals

☑ Clear all EXPERT songs in Hits and B-Sides

☑ FC an EXPERT song

☑ Clear all MASTER songs in B-Sides

☑ FC a MASTER song

☑ FC a 12☆ MASTER song

☑ FC a Swipe MASTER song

☑ FC a 12☆ Swipe MASTER song

☑ SSS an EXPERT song

☐ SSS a MASTER song

☐ Get better at 10☆ songs

☑ Achieve T2 in an event

☑ Achieve T1 in an event

☐ Finish an event in the Top 100

☑ Get an Umi UR
       ☐ Get Tricolor Umi URs
       ☐ Idolize an Umi UR

☑ Get a Nozomi UR
       ☐ Get Tricolor Nozomi URs
       ☐ Idolize a Nozomi UR

☑ Get an Eli UR
       ☐ Get Tricolor Eli URs
       ☐ Idolize an Eli UR

☐ Get a Nico UR

☑ Get a Maki UR
       ☐ Get Tricolor Makii URs
       ☐ Idolize a Maki UR

☑ Get a Kotori UR
       ☐ Get Tricolor Kotori URs
       ☐ Idolize a Kotori UR

☐ Get a Rin UR

☑ Get a Honoka UR
       ☐ Get Tricolor Honoka URs
       ☐ Idolize a Honoka UR

☐ Get a Hanayo UR

☐ Get a Riko UR

☑ Get a Kanan UR
       ☐ Get Tricolor Kanan URs
       ☐ Idolize a Kanan UR

☐ Get a Mari UR

☐ Get a You UR

☐ Get a Dia UR

☑ Get a Yoshiko UR
       ☐ Get Tricolor Yoshiko URs
       ☐ Idolize a Yoshiko UR

☐ Get a Hanamaru UR

☐ Get a Chika UR

☑ Get a Ruby UR
       ☐ Get Tricolor Ruby URs
       ☑ Idolize a Ruby UR

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