hi! I'm nava and I basically lead the wizard of the abyss fanclub. ♥ (they/them)

  • main account: JP
  • JP settings: master+ex = 10 // hard = 8 // normal = 6 // easy = 4
  • play style: middle fingers
  • I'm autistic and llsif is one of my special interests
  • I'm also part of a multiple system, with my own subsystem :'D;; however the only fronters are those in my subsystem, and we try to appear as one. however, we'd like to start being more open!!
  • you can always send us a message if you want to hear more, or check out this post if you're confused.
  • 日本語を学習しています~

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♥ (all of the above by me!)

  • ♥♥ my magical daughters: ♥♥
  • ♥♥ the wizard of the abyss // yohane // nozomi toujou ♥♥

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