jordi ♡ lesbian ♡ she/her ♡ 15
hewwo i'm jordi & there's not really much you need to know about me except for i'm a nerd, i'm a mega gay for nozomi & i'm a constant paranoid mess. i hope we can get along aaa! i'm super passionate about nozoeli & i blast garasu no hanazono every time i get & i'm also really into psychology & loz botw!



nozomi > eli > honoka > hanayo > umi > rin > maki > nico > kotori || lily white stan
kanan > ruby > mari > chika > hanamaru > yoshiko > dia > riko > you || azalea stan
karin > ayumu > rina > ai > ??? i don't have a full pdp ranking yet
others: favorite seiyuu: kussun♡ || favorite voices: eli, nozomi & yoshiko♡ || my best n girls are chiduko, fumie & yuu♡ || i like literally any ship (except for diaruby for obvious reasons) so feel free to share some lesbians with me! || i love leah,, so much




here are my best bandori girls! lisa, yukina & rinko are my ultimate best girls but i'm mega gay for everyone in roselia (can you guess who i stan),, i also love yukilisa!! they're lesbiabs
other interests: legend of zelda: breath of the wild, rick & morty, steven universe, gravity falls, japan & japanese culture, teen titans, doki doki literature club, bandori, psychology, pokemon & the whole pastel aesthetic hhh



icon credit / edit credits || sky nozomi graphic credit || zelda gif credit
my profile is private because due to past experiences i'm really nervous of getting messages from people i don't know, but if you would like to talk to me please leave a comment & i'll give you my email & such aha ^^ you can view my bandori party profile here if you're interested & that's about it from me, if you want to add me on sif feel free to do so and my bandori id is 874935!



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