ashes ♔ 25 ♔ she/her ♔ pansexual

my accounts are primarily nozomi/yohane oshimen accs with a mix of other stuff. my side en is whatever goes, but is primarily aqours, and was given to me.

about me

my real name is ash, u can call me that or ashes. im originally from georgia but now i live in philadelphia. im a freelance writer.

ive been in the love live "fandom" on and off since 2014. im a little blunt, perhaps intolerable and "immature" according to some, but i just dont like to sugarcoat things. i also care deeply for people so like yanno. i have a heart at least. im also like hella mentally ill, so if u wanna demonize me u can add that to your list too xoxo

you can dm me if you wanna get to know me. i also lurk the sit:dash! discord, so that's an option too.


3 accounts: