!CURRENTLY ON HIATUS!! POSTS AND REPLIES WILL BE SLOWER! (i am much more active on my twitter in case you want confirmation im not dead)

beffie/17/female/artist i think

hi! im wolfey/beffie/kanatafucker69 and im literally a pile of garbage thats on fire nice to meet you. i like kotori, ruby, and chika more than myself

i also like enstars please talk to me about enstars i need more enstars friends,bang dream, and readyyy! project but tbh enstars is my ultimate love rn.

please dont be afraid to send a friend request to my main JP, the rank seems scary but i need friends all the time!! just say youre from sukutomo and ill accept! (my name will show up as /μ/Shinkai but thats me, dont worry! im just not ready to rebrand myself here, ahaha) i may be slow to accept! im on sif hiatus rn

outside of shitty aidoru games i draw gay pictures, write gay fanfics, and cry over japanese because its too fucking hard like do you really expect me to know 2000 of these squiggly bitches

feel free to talk to me, i swear im more approachable than i look!! just because im an artist doesnt mean im serious im literally a living shitpost pl s

also if anything i say comes off as blunt or rude i probably made the post sarcastically no need to call the police

my name in the comments section will show up as Shinkais but dont be worried, its me!!

obligatory fav list

muse: kotori > rin > honoka > nico = nozomi > hanayo > umi > eli > maki
aqours: ruby ≥ chika > kanan > mari > maru > yoshiko > dia > you > riko

dont worry, i love them all!! theyre all good girls

other favs:

bang dream: chisato, hina, eve, all of pasupare basically, himari
enstars: rabitsP, ryuseitaiP, kanataP
readyyy! project: junnosuke sanada, all of matenrocket basically

favorite pairings list: chikaruby!!!!!, youhane, rikomaru, kanadia, yoharuby, diamaru, nozomaki, nicoeli, all kotori ships except kotoumi
other franchises in case it matters: chisahina, mayaeve (bangdream), midokana, tomohaji (ensemble stars)

once again feel free to talk to me for anything!! whether it be complimenting my art, screaming about our favs, assisting me in japanese, or you just want to say hi! feel free to resend me a message if i dont catch it within a week or so, my laptop can act up sometimes so i swear im not ignoring you....... please


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