Welcome to my profile~


I'm Goddess, a Love Live Lover. My best girl is Hanamaru Kunikida, zura, but I really do love all of Muse and Aqours. They're all my sweet little idol goddess~


I'm nowhere near as active here as I used to be, but there are certain places you can find me. I'm a member of, and you can find me there as Goddess. I'm also a member of the Sukutomo Discord server, and I'm often there as well.


-I love N Girls, with Sachiko Tanaka being my favorite.

-I have no worst girls and no Muse best girl

-I've gotten 10/10 on Idol Trivia 12 times so far

-My current favorite Muse song is Ruteshi Kiseki.

-My current favorite Aqours song is Sunshine Pikkapika Ondo.


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