Oct. 29, 2017, 5:53 p.m.

I screen capped all of the Nozomi moments in ll! songs. It's not all of the songs unfortunately but I still want to share the results:

?<- Heartbeat & Sunny Day Song image

Happy maker & Snow Halation: image

Yume no tobira & No brand girls image

Bokuhita & Kira Kira Sensation image

Music start image

Dancing Stars on me & Start Dash image


( NozomiBirthdayGiveaway because why not)

Edit: I finally had the time and motivation to finish this of. Some singles are missing because there were no where to be found. But here are the final results:

Both of the endings + Openings: image

Borara + mogyutto love de sekkin chuu + two (2!) screenshots of wonder zone image

Feel free to (no)zoom(i) in and appreciate all them nozos ;)