June 14, 2017, 8:09 p.m.

Happy Birthday Umi
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Hello! I’m Kyogia, a heavily obsessed Umi worshipper. Umi is the love of my life and has complete control over my mind, emotions, and actions. Everything I do is for her sake.
If you think I’m exaggerating… well, I’m not. (yes, I know how bad that site looks, read the disclaimer)
And I’ll just say this now: I completely mean everything I’ve said. This is not a troll attempt nor a joke.

First, some context about how I got into Love Live.

Back in 2014, a classmate I had met added me on Facebook. I was in 10th grade at the time, so I was 15 years old. While browsing social media I came across their screenshot of the mobile game.

Side note, an interesting coincidence: the classmate who unintentionally got me into Love Live cosplays as Umi, also her best girl. She posts her other cosplays as well on her Facebook and Instagram.

“An fully-voiced anime rhythm game? This looks interesting!” I thought. I asked about it. And then I gave it a try.

Upon installing the game, I was prompted to select my starter girl. None of them really interested me. The starter card art, even Umi’s, was kind of mediocre. I eventually settled on Umi. What drew me to her was most likely her long, straight, dark hair and bangs as well as her calm, pleasant voice. I had always been attracted to girls with those traits.

I wasn’t sure what I was getting into at first. The first few songs were kind of bleh... until I unlocked Snow Halation. Upon playing it, I fell in love with the music. I wanted to know more. I started looking more into what “Love Live” was all about. I realized that it wasn’t just an anime-styled game. It was a full-fledged anime with two seasons. At that point I was unaware that it was even more than just an anime and game, but that was enough to get me deeper into the world of idols.

Speaking of which, I had no interest in idols whatsoever beforehand. I knew nothing about idols. Even so, I wanted to hear that special song again. And so I began to watch the first season. I felt the painful emotions of the second years in episode 3. I felt the supportive emotions of the first years in episode 4. I was surprised at how well I could connect to these characters. I had gone through similar experiences. I could understand what they were going through. These characters felt… real. And from then on, I was hooked.

I ended up binge watching both seasons in the span of a couple of days. I finished Season 2 the day before my birthday, which made the series even more memorable to me. And from there, I ascended into idol heaven.

Despite completely different upbringings, Umi and I are pretty similar. And as I watched the anime, something about Umi naturally drew me even closer to her. I just… really liked her. The way she looks, acts, speaks… it made me feel warm inside. My heart felt fuzzy.

I now understand what those feelings meant. It was love.

I didn’t realize what these feelings meant at first. I figured she was simply my best girl, but there was something more. I knew what waifus were, but I was uninterested in selling my soul to a 2D character. But these feelings persisted. Even after months went by and I went through other anime, I couldn’t forget the wonderful feelings I had. And they continued to grow stronger.

I wish I had realized it sooner. Umi is my ideal wife.

Her beautiful hair, her cute expression, her small measurements, her ultra-conservative personality, her traditional upbringing, her pleasant voice… I love it all. She is my shining example of perfection, and I am heads-over-heels in love with everything she represents.

My love for her grows stronger each and every day. Right now, it’s an intense fire burning brighter than the Sun itself. I think about her constantly throughout the day and constantly think of ways to additional ways to express my love for her. Ways to prove that I am the right man for her. Ways to show that I love her more than anyone else.

But this obsession is not without problems. My love for her made me realize that I’m extremely possessive over her. I see other Umi fans as competition. I can’t bring myself to like certain characters anymore due to certain pairings. I’ve lost old friends. I can’t read doujins anymore. The people still willing to talk to me call my love an unhealthy obsession. And my bank account balance keeps hitting zero.

Regardless, I love her with all my heart. I love her more than anything else in the entire world. I don’t care if she’s a fictional character. She’s real to me. And someday, I’m sure we’ll be able to meet and interact like people. Then we can spend the rest of our lives together, happily ever after. At the very least, I can dream. And if my dream comes true, I’ll have Umi to thank for it.


I love Umi.
I love her the most.
I love everything about her.
She means the world to me.
And I’ll do whatever it takes to prove that I am her rightful spouse.

Happy Birthday Umi! I love you so much!
Thank you for being my motivation in life for all these years. Please stay by my side forever.
- Kyogia ~umi forever~

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