Aug. 8, 2019, 3:42 a.m.

As an artist, I didn’t like Chika. Specifically, I didn’t like her bangs and struggled to draw them. I wanted perfection, and drawing her didn’t feel like that in the slightest. So, I decided Chika would be one of my favorites, but not someone I’d love enough to draw often, and for her birthday.

Chika’s mini stories painted me a picture of someone that I shouldn’t have only focused my attention on her appearance for. As a younger sister, Chika is super relateable, but the way she loves her friends and loves Aqours really shines through. Even though Aqours didn’t succeed, and Chika fought her struggles head-on, I continued to get immersed deeper and deeper. As the leader of Aqours, there is something I also admire about her gung-ho fighting spirit. I love it so much.

Eventually, I followed Aqours from the game to the anime and then to the live. 

And then came the third live.

Watching Anchan pull off the Miracle Wave flip only increased my affection for her and how she manages to completely embody Chika. Seeing Chika’s fighting spirit and Anchan’s perseverance continues to inspire me today, because even if I can’t manage something as grandiose as a flip, I can still push myself to keep going.

Thank you for helping me pursue my own miracles, Chika-chii.

(I apologize if this looks crusty... sometimes you just suffer by drawing with no pen pressure)

(Chika also blessed me with her Spring UR and a bunch of SRs I could idolize. That was one of her URs I wanted the most, so I'm really pleased with my pulls!)

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