Aug. 7, 2019, 11:51 p.m.

Today is the 1st of August, and also – Chika Takami's birthday! Happy birthday, Chika-chan! ChikaFanAwards2019 chika1

Let's start from the simple thing. My love for Chika. She wasn't my waifu straight from the begginig. At first, she seemed for me as... An absolutely normal idol-girl. But, episode ny episode, my passionate love for her started growing and growing! Modern day, she is my absolute number one waifu! I liked her... Just because. Her genki character, her gorgeous eyes, her quirky and fun hairstyle, an her absolutely amazing voise! Chika, for me, is so far the best singer in Aqours! I can't say that her voice is angelic, nor it's rocking or pure, it's... Just good. Good in it's own, special way. Anchan, you did a great job! I could write more, but I want to make this post shorter, so next we go! chika2

I have a rather small Chika-themed merchandise collection, but I stull really love it! When I'm feeling down, i just look at her, standing on my shelf, and smiling brightly as sun, and... I start feeling relieved. And, the adorable mini plush! It actually remindes me of myself, idk why :D Hugging her makes me feel better! Whenever I look at her, I start falling in love with Chika again and again! When she gives me her star-shining smile, I forget everything bad and for that moment, I feel really-really good. And only Chika can give me this sort of energy, like any other person can't! chika3

And, obviosly, I prepared presents! What is a Birthday without presents?!

  1. A couple of edits for our sweet mikan girl! chikaedit
  2. A video-edit! I decided to make three simple edits with songs, that remind me of Chika ~ Click on the link if you want to see it! chikavideo
  3. And, well, this whole publication! :D

I know this post is not that long, but I never intended it to be long. Although it doesn't describe my love for Chika fully, well... I can bare with that :D I am very happy that Chika still inspires me till this very special day! Chika-chan, please, continue to shine bright! It is your day!