as of 20/05

Trapped in different Idol Hells; what's a social life?

SIF: Umi, Maki, Rin, Nico, Honoka, Eli, Kotori, Hanayo, Nozomi

Riko, Yoshiko, You, Kanan, Chika, Hanamaru, Dia, Ruby, Mari

I'm trying to save lovegems for the URs for Umi/Riko on JP and Maki/Yoshiko on EN but I always end up using them, someone help (still shooting for lvl 255, I need to be able to play Future Style all the time) Saving for 10 BT cause I want Aqours SSRs at least

EnStars: Hinata <3, Mao, Yuta, Subaru, Mika, Tetora Recently started, taking up all my time (maybe this will keep me from scouting in SIF, still hoping) All my favorite cards are 4s and 5s from past events but revival events take so many points to get the cards so maybe later ^^'


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