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Guide to being a Super Idol:

I recently went through a painful breakup with my former best girl (Nozomi) because my love for Nico is just too great at this point. I am official garbage.

Hello all! Just another random LLSIFer here!
Nozomi is my waifu, but Ruby is my baby! (Nico is the pet dog)
I stalk this site religiously (someone save me from drowning in bad memes)
Am currently saving my gems for the next Ruby UR.
My account is salt-inducing, I know. And I'm not sorry :D

Best Girls:
1. Nico/Ruby
2. Nozomi/Dia
3. Hanayo/Mari

Get 10 URs [x]
Get 20 URs [x]
Get 30 URs [x]
Get 50 URs [ ]
Idolize a UR [x]
Idolize 10 URs [x]
Tier in an event [x]
Tier in 5 events [x]
Get Tier 1 in a Nozomi event [ ]
Idolize a Nozomi UR [x] Idolize a Nico UR [x]
Have a full team of Nozomi [x]
Get FC in 10 expert songs [x]
Idolize all of the Cafe Maid set [x] 9/9
Idolize all of the Circus set [ ] 8/9
Idolize all of the Ball set [ ] 8/9
Idolize all of the Magician set [ ] 4/9


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