Joined SIF since Score Match 2, Kotori Event EN

Main goal:

Idolize UR #59o Cyber Nico OK (02/10/16)

Get UR #909 Devil Nico (new goal)

Two accounts with SSR Halloween Ruby OK (22/12/15)

Complete cyber set

Sub goals:

increase Nico's bond, geting more Nico & Maki SR, idolize some UR, get full combo in expert songs and increase my max LP faster.

Favorite characters:

Nico, Maki & Hanayo

Yohane, Dia & Ruby

Someting else?:

Just enjoy the game and do not stress about things that you haven't achieved, because this game is only made to give fun to all fans of Love Live

Last full update 22/12/2016


2 accounts: