I'm Mark/Fin(ya) and I don't really know what I should tell you about me.

Favorite girls:

  • Muse - Rin > Umi > Hanayo > Eli > Nico > Nozomi > Kotori > Honoka > Maki

  • Aquors - Hanamaru > Kanan = Ruby > Yohane = You > Riko > Chika = Mari > Dia

Btw I don't really HATE Maki and Dia (I did, actually), they are just my least favorite!

About me:

  • He/his.

  • I'm solo-yolo slave. Kind of very lucky slave.

  • Sometimes I can't speak English correctly, but I fully understand it.

  • I make some llsif edits from times to times, but I don't think they are really good or something. I also draw.

  • I love all kinds of animation and comics, but my favourite are mostly asian. Damn japanese, korean and chinese people, their art is too good.

  • Main fandoms besides LLSIF: Homestuck, Overwatch, APH, SU.

Right now I'm into :

  • [email protected] (CG and SideM)
  • Ace Attorney

I'd like to talk if you want to! But yeah my English is awful.

yoroshiku onegai shi masu ~



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