hey i'm hannah and i want coptori and a riko UR more than anything in the world ❀


GOAL:  Tri-Color Kotori/Hanayo/Riko/Hanamaru/Yohane/Mari URs !

my en is dying without cool urs, blease klab, 

smile cards wouldn’t be a bad idea on my yohane account either!!



  ❀1/15/2017, 12:19 am - Haregi Riko came home ♡ 


best girls:

❀ μ's - kotori/pana/nico/rin ❀

❀ aqours - riko/yohane/mari/hanamaru ❀


saving up for: 

❀EN: next coptori pickup box/kotori’s solo box

❀JP: idk probably just the aqours box in general i love everything in it 


3 accounts: