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My name's Annie and I love Nico, Hanayo, and Rin with all my heart. Other fandoms I'm in include DanganRonpa (main fandom tbh), Gravity Falls, Doki Doki Literature Club, Gabriel DropOut, Blend S, MOTHER/EarthBound, Kiznaiver, and Liar Liar, among others! I realize I used a variant of 'other' to both start and end that sentence and it's bothering me now, but oh well. Feel free to message me whenever!

You can find my edit request form here (requests closed for now!)

Shoutout to Karu for helping me get where I am today with LL.

Links to my edits

I also have a group of idol OCs, which you can find here, and their profiles are gonna be added one by one right under this paragraph :')

DO NOT TAKE MY POSTS SERIOUSLY please i am but a poor farmer cosplaying a trash can

I never watched too much of the Sunshine anime but here's my ranking for the µ's and PDP girls!

  1. Nico/Hanayo/Rin

  2. Nozomi/Umi

  3. Kotori/Eli

  4. Honoka/Maki

  1. Setsuna/Ai

  2. Kasumi

  3. Rina/Ayumu/Shizuku

  4. Kanata/Karin/Emma

I don't dislike any of them though!

I've also been uploading song mixes to my YouTube channel (name on my profile). If you wanted to check any of those out, then go ahead!

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