Idol Supporter

I wanted to be casual but now I'm stuck in Love Live hell.


If we are Friends In-Game, I'll follow you here (^_^)


50% F2P: Events only with In-Game
lovegems, most scouting too (Birthday Scouts etc.)

50% P2W: Bought Lovegems, Idol Packs etc.
only for scouting


Current Goals:

Reach Rank 300 Until the end of the Year

T2 all Single SR Events T1 all Double SR Events

Reach my Event Goals only with In-Game Lovegems (going good since Swimsuit Nico)

Saving for: Nothing really, I tested the sweet taste of Scouting again (Thank the RNG for giving me idolized DevilNico) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



  1. Nico

  2. Nozomi

  3. Maki

  4. Honoka

  5. Rin

µ's Subunits:

  1. BiBi

  2. Lily White

  3. Printemps


  1. Yohane

  2. Mari

  3. You

  4. Kanan

  5. Riko

Aqours' Subunits:

  1. Guilty Kiss


  3. CyaRon!


1 account: