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F2P Nico-Nii Pinoy player~ It all started with a catchy little song called Love Novels...

  • Best μ's Girl: Nico; Rin is a close 2nd-nya~
  • Fav μ's Subunit: BiBi
  • Best Aqours Girl: Currently Ruby, with Mari as runner-up
  • Fav Aqours Subunit: Guilty Kiss
  • Fav SIF beatmaps to play: Diamond Princess no Yuutsu, Afterschool Navigators, COLORFUL VOICE

Aside from μ's, favorite Japanese song artists:

  • U (from Funta)
  • Saori Sakura (from ave;new)

I also play Starlight Stage! Feel free to add me: 961375983

Thanks for stopping by! :D



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