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EN : 121/910 gems saved for Honoka, Nico and Rin's birthday boxes

JP : 100/??? gems + 1 Scouting Ticket, 1 10+1 ticket and 1 SR or above ticket saved for Chika's next UR

EnStars : 143/??? Dia saved for Mika's next 5*

IDOLiSH7 : 59/100 Steller Stones saved for Sougo's birthday

Aichuu : 66/??? Saved for Runa's birthday

Hey, call me Sophie or Rini!

I'm part of Sakura Rebellion! A group made by me, Asaka~ and Daylilly Imgur

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I am also staff for the upcoming site Ensemble Festival! Be sure to say hello to me there when it's ready~ ♥


My lists

Rin > Honoka, Nico > Maki > Umi > Eli > Nozomi > Kotori > Hanayo

Chika > You, Ruby > Hanamaru, Yoshiko > Riko > Kanan > Dia > Mari

I don't hate or dislike any of the girls. I love them all too much tbh

Printemps, Lily White > BiBi

CYaRon > AZALEA > Guilty Kiss

My idolsonas

Imgur Bios - Kou Yanagi Haru Anja

First Rin UR scouted on 1/17/17

First expert full combo - Shocking Party

Other idol things I like

EnStars, Aichuu, IDOLiSH7, Yumeiro Cast(not idols but shush), Tokyo 7th Sisters, Deresute, Idol Master, Idol Master SideM, Tsukiuta, UtaPri, B-Project, Dream Festival

Every Anime I've watched and Manga I've read or am reading(and etc) is here

Otome too if you want here



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