92/120 gems saved for Rin's birthday

0/250 for Chika's next UR

0/250 saved for Pirate Rin (if she's the pair which I'm 100% sure she is so)

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I'm part of Sakura Rebellion! Along with Asaka~ and Daylilly

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I'm RiniRuby, but please call me Rini! My best girls are Rin, Chika and Ayumu, I have no worst girls cause I love them all too much;; Please talk to me about Ensemble Stars it's all I am I love it a lot so plea se if you wa nt j sut hmu

Also, if you're new to EnStars I will teach you everything you need to know! Just ask away, I love helping people ♥

I'm also staff for the upcoming site Ensemble Festival!! Be sure to say hi to me there once it's up~♥


Rin > Nico, Honoka > Maki > Hanayo > Umi > Kotori > Nozomi > Eli Imgur

Chika > Ruby, You, Riko > Kanan > Dia > Mari > Hanamaru > Yoshiko Imgur

Ayumu > Emma, Kanata > Setsuna > Shizuku > Rina > Kasumi > Ai > Karin Imgur

I'm on discord pretty much 24/7 so if you wanna talk to me non-stop for 12 hours hmu there! Just PM me for my ID ♥

First Rin UR scouted on 1/17/17

First Chika UR scouted on 4/21/17

Cyber Chika UR scouted on 7/8/17

First expert full combo - Shocking Party

First master full combo - Ai wa Taiyo jyanai?


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