Ultimate Idol Devotee




  • 3rd in "Such a Miracle!" Rin Token event (500,111 points)
  • 2nd in Rock Nico Medley Festival #9 (1,252,521 points)
  • 2nd in "One Dreamy Night" YoshikoRuby Token event (2,222,222 points)
  • 1st in Flower Viewing Rin Challenge Festival #2 (1,400,000 points)
  • 4th in Cake Honoka Medley Festival #10 (1,252,521 points)
  • 2nd in Helping Hands ChikaYou Score Match #24 (1,333,333 points)
  • 2nd in "Don't let me go, you are my love" Eli Token event (2,000,000 points)
  • 1st in Bubbles Umi Score Match #25 (1,111,111 points)
  • 1st in Ice Skating RikoDia Medley Festival #11 (1,010,919 points)
  • 4th in Rainy Season NozoPana Challenge Festival #3 (1,252,521 points)
  • 1st in New Years Food YoshiMari Score Match #26 (1,111,111 points)
  • 4th in "Suki Suki Puwa Puwa" Hanayo Token event (1,874,000 points)
  • 1st in White Day RubyRiko Score Match #27 (919,921 points)
  • 3rd in MakiUmi Challenge Festival #4 (1,600,000 points)
  • 2nd in KananMaru Medley Festival #12 (1,000,000 points)

I'm in too deep now.

Project Idol Atsume

Those familiar with the bonus segments in the experiments will be familiar with this, but each new set that comes out, we'll drop up to $600 (was $750, but we want to do limited scouting every event) to get at least 1 of each new card in that set.

Additionally, we'll be exploring limited scouting boxes and Blue Tickets to backfill old cards. The goal?

Full collection or bust!

The Whaling Experiment

To that extent, every 2 weeks when the new cards come out, $450 will be dropped to get 774 gems to see if in 15 10+1 rolls I get either of the new URs. (Edited again due to a return to single UR.)




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