T1'ing all JP events since a long time, but failed timewise on one of them and fked up on the latest Chafes (Rin + Nozomi). Never failed to get the tier I expected tho.

Not playing much on EN anymore.

Saving loveca on JP for Ruby cards. Saving loveca on EN for Hanayo and maybe some aqours scouts here and there :0

My top 3:

µ's: 1. Hanayo 2. Rin + Honoka 3. Maki + Nico

aqours: 1. Ruby 2. Hanamaru + Dia 3. Chika + Riko

Good luck to everyone out there btw.! :3

Lately was lucky in obtaining the cards I wanted (Taishou Roman Hanayo and Pool Ruby as well as Halloween Ruby) , but also very lucky in [email protected]

My cinderella pro account:


Since 4.0. needs me to take my unidolized event cards which I T1'ed and use them for skil-slots, I will post a list of events I T1'ed in JP here:

(The reason I'm saying this, is because I will delete every card I had idolized AND unidolized in their unidolized version from my JP list, because they don't actually exist in my JP memberlist anymore, but #neverforget, so I post them here --> from now on I will use the event ranking function for every JP event as well)


  1. ニコニーの秘密測定♡ (Nico)
  2. 見つめていたいの毎日あなたを (Rin)
  3. Medley Festival Round 5 (Nico)
  4. Loving you! (Hanayo)
  5. Score Match Round 21 (Maki)
  6. Magnetic today!! (Nico)
  7. Medley Festival Round 9 (Honoka)
  8. とってもとってもMIRACLE (Rin)
  9. 離さないでYou are my love (Eli)
  10. Score Match Round 24 (Umi)
  11. Challenge Festival Round 1 (Maki)
  12. Medley Festival Round 11 (Nico)
  13. スキスキぷわぷわ (Hanayo)
  14. Score Match Round 25 (Nozomi)
  15. Medley Festival Round 12 (Honoka)
  16. 夜空はなんでも知ってるみたい (Chika+Riko)
  17. Challenge Festival Round 3 (Nozomi+Hanayo)
  18. Score Match Round 26 (Ruby+Dia)
  19. Medley Festival Round 13 (Eli+Kotori)
  20. 研究が必要です (Hanamaru+You)
  21. Challenge Festival Round 4 (Maki+Umi)
  22. Score Match Round 27 (Kanan+Mari)
  23. Medley Festival Round 14 (Honoka+Nico)
  24. 夢みたいなOne night (Yohane+Ruby)
  25. Score Match Round 28 (You+Chika)
  26. Medley Festival Round 15 (Riko+Dia)
  27. Challenge Festival Round 6 (Umi+Honoka)
  28. Score Match Round 29 (Mari+Yohane)

And while we're at it, why not T2 as well:


  1. 凛と一夜の間違い。(Rin)
  2. Medley Festival Round 1 (Maki)
  3. 精一杯笑おうか (Maki)
  4. SMILING! (Honoka)
  5. Score Match Round 19 (Eli)
  6. Medley Festival Round 6 (Umi)
  7. 今日が輝く予感 (Nozomi)
  8. Score Match Round 20 (Rin)
  9. Medley Festival Round 7 (Kotori)
  10. Medley Festival Round 8 (Eli)
  11. Score Match Round 22 (Umi)
  12. Score Match Round 23 (Nozomi)
  13. Medley Festival Round 10 (Kotori)
  14. Challenge Festival Round 2 (Rin)
  15. Challenge Festival Round 5 (Rin+Nozomi)
  16. がんばる人は素敵 (Kotori+Maki)

I love Ruby the most out of everyone ;) <3



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