Hiya ❤

I'm Kana, and I am 100% idol and anime trash ~~also yuri trash~~.

I have been part of the LL fandom since 2010, but I didn't start playing SIF, until, early 2014.

I am always open for chatting if you want, and I always follow back as well!~

My best girls are Nozomi, Kotori, and You! My best girl from the PDP is Karin.

NEXT SCOUT: Aqours box


First UR ( 5 - 21 - 2017) Tricolor URs (???????) Tricolor SRs (5 - 25 - 2017) Tricolor SSRs (??????)

About Me

I live in the United States, and am female and 12 years ( turning 13 tomorrow lol). My birthday is on May 26 and my favorite color is pink. I also really like singing, cosplaying, and collecting anime and LL merch.



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