Hi!~ My name is Maralina and, obviously, I love LoveLive! My favourite anime is Danganronpa! I also am an Active Mod here on Sukutomo and I also help manage the Sukutomo Twitter account! Hopefully, you'll see some of my tweets!

Mari Dia Kanan

My Best Girls:

My favourite idols are Umi, Nozomi and Rin! Also Dia, Mari and Kanan!

I love Umi because she was the first girl I ever chose for my starter girl and she was my first idolized SR. I love Nozomi because of her influence on μ's and she's left a massive impact on me with her backstory and personality. I love Rin because she was my first ever UR I scouted and now she's all idolized and pretty. Still can't believe it.

Wow, with Aqours in SIF I guess I should update this page a bit more, huh. Well, Dia is my best girl because her design. I love her. Buu Buu Desu Wa for life. I find her love for μ's to be soooooo cute. I love Mari because I honestly find her really funny with her upbeat personality and "It's joke!". I love Kanan because... Kanan. What can I say? She's just amazing and I kind of relate to her in a weird way.

I have been playing SIF since December 12th 2014 and I am mainly an iPad thumb player but I do have the ability to use my index fingers in case of an injury.

My dream for SIF is to come first place in a Nozomi/Umi event and have a least one idolized Umi UR (although seal idolized, it finally happened!). Preferably New Year or White Day (New Year Umi Get: 22/9/17!).

Rin Umi Nozomi

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where did you get the name Maralina from?

A: My old friend once said by accident when trying to pronounce someone's name and I really liked the sound of it. Though, to save her the embarrassment, I say it's after 'Maralinga' in Australia.

Q: Why is your name '4th Place'?

A: A small joke from when I was grinding in SM 12. I kept coming last in the Cool and Pure songs but owned everyone else in the Smile songs. It was a joke and mockery of myself.

Q: Favourite sub-unit and song of that sub-unit?

A: Lily White with Otohime Haato de Rabu Kyuuden.

Q: Favourite μ's song?

A:I guess Happy Maker? I really relate to that song.

Q: Favourite Aqours song?

A: Since Aqours is still in their early phase I can't exactly say for definite but I really like Mijuku Dreamer.

Ranko Hotaru Yukari Hotaru Rin2


16th to reach Honoka SR (Score Match 12)

9th to reach Maki SR (UmiMaki Challenge Festival 4)

Total Events Tiered: 7 (Tier 2+)

Scouted Event Cards:

"Festival Happi" Honoka

"A Sheep's Feelings" Kotori

"Angel? Nurse?" Kotori

"Brave Maiden" Umi

"Good Fortune Rabbit" Umi

"Fun In The Snow" Hanamaru

Became Active Mod+Community Manager for Schoolidolu!

Note: All cards that appear here are either cards I HAVE or cards I HAD. I'm too lazy to delete loads of cards after 3.0.

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