Hello, Maja here! I'm a 18 year old girl from Sweden, and I spend my time watching anime, cosplaying and playing games - Everything from Love Live to Overwatch to Hearthstone.~

Check out my latest Love Live! Scouting video for Halloween Yohane(EN)!

My favourites

I love all members of both µ's & Aqours

µ's girls - Nico > Rin > Umi, Hanayo, Eli > Maki, Nozomi, Kotori, Honoka
µ's subunits - BiBi > Lily White > Printemps

Aqours girls - Yohane > Hanamaru > Riko, Mari > You, Chika, Ruby, Kanan, Dia
Aqours subunits - Guilty Kiss > AZELEA, CYaRon!

My new Love Live Goals For 2016:
[x] Scout my first non-promo UR
[ ] Scout Devil Nico UR
[x] Scout Halloween Yohane
[x] Get tri-colour URs
[x] Rank in Top 100 in the Nico Medley Festival(5) Event

[ ] Scout next Nico UR
[ ] Get tri-colour Nico URs
[ ] Scout Yohane's next UR
[ ] Tier 2 in Nico's next event

Thanks for stopping by!


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