On a Love Live adventure with my Angel Nico.

Have been playing SIF since Day One. I T1 every event


6th "Nico's Secret Survey" Token Event

7th Nico Score Match 11

7th Ruby/Yohane "One Dreamlike Night" Token Event

11th Hanayou Score Match 18

11th Eli Score Match 14

11th Eli "You are my Love" Token event

12th Nico Score Match 4

12th Hanamaru/You "Research is Required" Token Event

14th Hanayo Score Match 13

14th Eli Medley Festival 3

15th Nico Score Match 6

17th Kotori Score Match 15

18th Nico Medley Festival 5

18th Rin "I Wanna See You Everyday" Token Event

18th Rin "Under the Starry Sky" Token Event

19th Nozomi Score Match 10

20th Eli "Just Between US" Token Event

20th Umi "Forever Friends" Token Event


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