downloaded all 5 LLSIF, and feeling swamped.

F2P, I hoard my gems.

Best Girls: Hanayo & Hanamaru & Mari

Best Subunits: lily white & Guilty Kiss

Aqours ranking:

Mari = Hanamaru > Yoshiko > Chika > You > Riko = Dia > Ruby >> Kanan

μ's ranking:

Hanayo > Rin > Nozomi > Umi > Honoka = Kotori > Eli > Nico >> Maki

PDP ranking:

Rina > ???? ? ? ?


I'm going to move more focus on developing my LL! sideblog linked below. Will be less active here.

If you want to talk to me about deancas, please feel free!

Castiel is my problematic fave and I love him. He's a perfect cinnamon roll. Protect him. #StopHurtingCas2k17 @spnwriters stop using him as a punching bag thanks


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