i chose the nico life, now it's nico or die

ehe, im the one behind Kach Again.
living a lovely life.

Secior is my beloved king♥


#16 to SR, final #25 with 125252 pts on Swimsuit Nico Score Match (round 11)
final #35 with 252521 pts on Youkai Nico Medley Festival (round 5)
nothing better than best girl <3

total amount of Nico URs gotten on my JP main: 10
- my first UR ever, my first Nico UR, China Dress Nico, 2014-12-01
- my second China Dress Nico while scouting for SLG Nico, 2015-01-15
- my first SLG Nico, 2015-01-17
- my second SLG Nico, thank you based scouting ticket, 2015-05-15
- my first and second Kunoichi Nico, thank you based scouting ticket + voucher pull, 2016-01-31
- my first most beautiful Fairyland Nico, 2016-02-04
i spent 700 loveca on this Fairyland Nico. interested in looking at my pulls? here they are.
- my first Cyber Nico, thank you beautiful Nico box, 2016-03-22
- my third! SLG Nico, bless based dark blue ticket, 2016-06-30
- my first -and well deserved imo- Little Devil Nico while scouting for Pool v2 Nico, 2016-08-25

idolized URs on JP main: 16
second copy: 4 (China Dress Nico, SLG Nico, SLG Eli, Kunoichi Nico)
seals: 12
† Idol Costume Honoka ► idolized Cyber Nico
† Idol Costume Nozomi ► idolized Magician Maki
† 25 SRs ► idolized Circus Maki
† October Rin ► idolized Circus Umi
† Cyber Honoka ► idolized Animal v2 Maki
† 25 SRs ► idolized Mermaid Nozomi
† 5 SSRs ► idolized Pool Eli
† 25 SRs ► idolized Baseball Maki
† SLG Nico ► idolized Fairyland Nico
† Kunoichi Hanayo ► idolized Baseball Eli
† 25 SRs ► idolized Little Devil Nico
† Job v2 Eli ► idolized February Maki

dancer nico avatar drawn by @horisso


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