Hi hi, I'm Hiiragi and I'm a manager at Ezee's weeb website (weebsite?) - otonokizaka.org. It's an awesome community of losers and you should definitely join us!

I used to T1 every event but now I usually save T1 for Aqours events because I'm lazy. I've also full comboed every Muse and Aqours song in the game so far, Hard, EX and Master, including 11* dailies. I know, I know. Feel free to bow at my feet. I get that a lot. ;-) (No I don't.)

Dream cards are circus Umi UR, cheer Kanan SR, animal Umi SR, but I am currently only doing Aqours scouts.

Best girls lists currently go something like this...

Nico + Nozo + Umi > Honk + Rin + Koto > Eli + Hanayo + Maki

Kanan + Chika + Mari > You + Dia + Ruby > Yohane + Riko + Hanamaru

Update: No longer F2P since October 3, 2016! In order to keep my account status fairly transparent, I will update my spending totals and gems gifted to me (bought by others for my account with gift cards etc.) totals here as they happen.

Personal Spending Total: 33.37 USD

Gifted Spending Total: 99.96 USD


1 account: