Dedicate to become best F2P player

Also aim to become Malaysian highest rank player

GohanDesu JP since 10th April 2015

GohanDesu EN since 11th March 2015

Main JP goal :

① Reach rank 400 before August 2017

② Full Team of UR

③ Collect every possible Pana and You card

Main EN goal:

① Full Team of Pana

JP Achievement:

① Rank 200 after 10 months of gameplay

② Rank 300 after 1 year and 6 months of gameplay

JP acc start aiming for Tier1 since Rin Track and Field Club event, always aim more than 160k/50k. Scout honor box with scouting ticket most of the time cause i need love gem for event, duh :v . But i still slowly farm love gem on my present box however, include unread SR and N side story. Prefer to scout on Printemps/1st year box for muse and CYaRon/2nd year box for Aqours.

My EN acc is getting love back, it bait me with so many UR to drag me back playing EN server. Although it is undeniable that EN server is still messed up.


2 accounts: