Idol Supporter

Hello, my name is Exteminator, but most people just call me Alex. I started playing SIF since around July 2014. I am also a collector promo cards on EN and former high ranking F2Player. My best girl in Muse is Rin followed by Maki and Umi. On Aqours, it's Hanamaru and Yohane.

Current Goals

*Collect all the promos

*Get T1 in every event from now on (with max rewards).


*Currently have the largest collection of promos possible on EN minus the KR promos and most of the Aqours Travel promos.

*Reached Rank 200 on 10/21/2015

*Reached Rank 250 on 5/13/2016

*Reached Rank 300 on 10/18/2016

*Reached Rank 350 on 4/19/2017

*F2P until Rank 356 on 5/27/2017

*T1 streak of 62

*Achieved tricolor UR on 6/18/2016

*Idolized a nonevent SR on 6/18/2016

*Got 14th place in Challenge Festival Rin event!

*Second person to get Baseball Rin in her event (4 hrs and 55min)

*First person to get Fairy Pana in her event (2 hrs and 37 min)

*Got UR Maid Rin! (9/6/17)

In-game name most of the time: OTK☆Alex or Exteminator


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